AB  is a functional and secure solution that can be adapted to the specifics of the operation of a private or public health care institution, conveniently integrated with other information systems and medical equipment. AB solutions are used in every room in hospitals of national significance to offices of two-employee practices. They are developed to effectively execute all business processes of any healthcare institution by any specialist employed.

The developer AB is Meditec Ltd – a company specializing in the development of healthcare information systems with an experience of more than 15 years in the field. With more than 80 nationwide e-Health projects realized and nearly 90% of the market covered, Meditec Ltd has become the leading healthcare information technology developer in the country.

I believe that such a partner as Meditec Ltd is an outstanding gain for any information technology developer. We are collaborating since 2011, essentially working towards a common goal, which is to make organizations better. Being well familiar with their products AB and Emy, I can say with confidence that Meditec Ltd thinks ahead.
FMS Ltd. CEO, Janis Bergs

The unifying compound

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AB solutions are developed to optimize healthcare throughout the entire treatment process, from reception, to different procedures, to drugs prescriptions, to checkout. Using AB solutions results in low risk of human made errors and data loss, transparent work process and fluent patients and data flow.

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HL7 standart

Because of HL7 standard support, AB is compatible with national e-Health and nearly all other external systems required, working as a link between all parties involved in the healthcare process. It’s a great utility to the specialist as it is to the patient, who both require a fast and reliable information exchange from the start to the end of the treatment process.

Our products on the market

Piktogramma - prakse

AB:Practice A workplace for every specialist

It provides everything needed for all basic everyday business processes encountered, such as work time planning, patient reception, treatment, data processing and exchange, finance management and report generation, whether by a dentist, a nurse, or a general practitioner. It’s a set of the AB core functions, so you don’t have to pay for functions you do not use.

Piktogramma - klīnika

AB:Clinic The solution for medium sized institutions

It’s a set of all core functions of every specialist’s workplace accompanied by solutions specialized for clinics and healthcare centers, including many tools for efficient exchange of information from reception to examination rooms, to the State. It’s what every practice needs, just more. For every specialist and the management of specialized departments.

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AB:Hospital The full tool set

For institutions with a complex structure and large-scale workloads that requires extensive organization and planning of patients, data and financial flow, as well as medical staff management. It’s the full set of what AB has to offer, tuned for users of the right caliber. Developed to execute everything a major healthcare institution needs.

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For each its own

Practices, clinics and hospitals differ in workloads, numbers of employees and patients treated per day, the complexity of inner structures and the variety of different departments, but not the business processes executed.

On a base level AB solutions are equal – all provide the tools necessary for a successful work day of an individual specialist. AB solutions are divided into three default tool sets for the welfare of the user.

For more specific institutions, AB tool sets can be assembled individually.

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AB and the user

Healthcare process already starts before the patient comes to the specialist. An organized work schedule and timely access to patient’s data is the key to a good start because a successful execution of healthcare institution’s business processes starts at the chair of the specialist.
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Reception & Planning

Working in an AB environment is simple and pleasant. A day starts with logging into the workplace, browsing through messages and organizing the calendar – arranging appointments and working schedule, while already accessing patient’s information from the calendar view.

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Data generating, processing & exchange

AB solutions enable managing patient’s health records before meeting the patient, sending and receiving files and even talking to co-workers without leaving the room. It’s possible to send SMS booking reminders and announce patient’s examination results through email, without leaving the system.

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Examination & Treatment

A receipt, sick-leave form or a referral can be filled and printed within seconds, all done by a couple of clicks or touches. All documents can be pre-defined and partially filled in automatically. Access to medical classifiers and integration with diagnostic tools eases document processing and accelerates work process.

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Cash register, Payments & Insurances

Once the patient is taken care of, AB deals with financial management as well – from small to large scale calculations of income and payments, including all variable elements, such as insurance percentages. At the end, AB will even print the payment data on a check template.

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All data is safely stored on MediCloud for later usage. It keeps complete record histories of patient treatment and work process. It’s convenient for making statistics and inner management itself. These statistics allow calculating income and expenses, as well as salaries; keep track of medication write-offs, and nearly every other aspect of the healthcare process.

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AB offers as automated and digitized work execution as possible, which results in an exceptionally mobile and convenient work process.

Piktorgramma - par uzņēmumu

AB and a healthcare institution

Every healthcare institution is more than just a reception and an examination room. It’s a complex structure consisting of wide range of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of employees.

AB is the unifying compound, being used in every single part of this scheme. From booking patients, receiving and processing their data, to inner communication between specialists and rooms, sending referrals and receiving results from visual and functional diagnostics and laboratory tools, to generating a bill and a report for the management.

It’s a cycle AB is meant to complete.

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Our team consists of both medical and information technology experts who are enthusiastic about their work. This is what helps to ensure consistent product quality, customer trust, and growth.

Each new idea comes to the minds of determined professionals to find a better solution.

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